Hi, my name is Sarah and I am passionate about supporting people who are struggling with their relationships. This can come up as feeling like you have no opinion, or if you do ,that it doesn’t count. Are you worrying about upsetting others for fear of disapproval? I wonder how many times you catch yourself saying ‘sorry’ or ‘should’ a lot? Do you struggle with feelings like guilt or shame, feeling inferior , having thoughts like ‘what’s wrong with me’ or ‘I’m not good enough’? This could be at home , when our children don’t get the grades that we had hoped for or when our partner is upset with us because we don’t agree with them.

These patterns can leave us feeling fed up , confused , wondering ‘ Why can’t I do anything right’ or ‘ why do I keep attracting the wrong kind of person’? Leaving us with big life’s questions like, Who am I ? What’s my purpose? Do I matter? When you work with me, you will find that there are more choices available to you, more than you ever imagined.

Imagine also the liberating feeling of being comfortable in your own skin , giving yourself permission to say ‘no’ and still feeling ok within yourself. I can help you build a better and healthier relationship with yourself , to tackle the shame and feelings of inferiority that you are experiencing, I CAN help you feel good enough.

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